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SSBB: specializing in nautical brands and products

SSBB is a company specializing in developing high quality and competitive Brazilian nautical brands and products. The company offers market development and feasibility analysis services for these brands, seeking credible partners on the world nautical scene.

SSBB also helps Brazilian brands enter and position themselves in this demanding and consolidated market, using efficient marketing and communication strategies.

Our mission is to exceed expectations


Credible partners, internationalizing their brands in the world’s most competitive market.


Men and women, between 35 and 60 years old, Class A, Latinos and North Americans


It is estimated that annual sales of boats, marine products and services in the US totaled $42 billion in 2019.


According to the US Coast Guard’s Recreational Boating Statistics, there were 11,838,188 recreational vessels registered by the states in 2020.

SSBB's differentials

Located in Fort Lauderdale

Region with the highest number of boats per capita in the world.

Sales and logistics of boats and equipment

We focus not only on selling boats, but also on helping with the purchasing process and integrated logistics of Engines, Generators, Electronics and others.


Consultancy for the certification of the shipyard and also the registration of the boats with the American Navy.

Credit lines

Acquisition of credit lines for sales in the form of LEASING (in the United States this represents 99% of sales).

Cost reduction

Reduced production costs and taxes.

American design and decoration with qualified professionals

Design and decoration studio on American soil (the best professionals will be on hand to adapt the project to American standards).

CRM Home Broker

CRM Home Broker system, bringing greater agility to transactions, with lower sales and marketing costs.

The secret of the happy marriages between shipyards and their clients is not limited to building modern, comfortable and technologically advanced speedboats.

Above all, the good relationship depends on an after-sales service, with tips on how to use it properly, maintenance services and the kindness to check from time to time on the customer’s satisfaction with the product.

Our technical team (painters, mechanics and electricians) is assigned exclusively to the client.

All appointments are pre-scheduled for both boat owners and their sailors, professionals who deserve special attention because they are essential for safe navigation.

The visits are carried out by technicians qualified by the shipyard. At the end of the inspection, the owner receives a report showing the condition of each component of the boat. In addition, the boat receives a certificate and an exclusive seal from the shipyard, certifying that it has been overhauled, which gives it even more value.

There are more than a hundred companies working in this market, which qualifies the competition and gives us a great opportunity to enter.

Today, there is no company specializing in developing Brazilian nautical products and brands in the American market; the service of market development, certifications and feasibility analysis is carried out solely by SSBB.

Our main objective is to foster the development of national nautical companies abroad, creating solid and lasting partnerships. In addition to facilitating export processes.

Count on us for your expansion. 

Count on us for your expansion. 

Count on us for your expansion. 

Count on us for your expansion. 

Count on us for your expansion. 

Count on us for your expansion. 

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